Virtual Soccer Training

Virtual Soccer Training

As your local community soccer club and in light of current events, we are providing a "virtual soccer training" program to all our members that runs through April 15th. This is provided to us from one of our Partners and is FREE to you. While the app has in app purchases the skills sections are FREE to you.  

With schools, parks and sports complexes now closed through April 15 this is a great tool to use to continue to build good healthy habits, or use it as a "P.E" school lesson and keep your child engaged in physical activity. We will begin our at field programs when these restrictions are lifted and will run the programs to completion (8 weeks). You will receive specific information in the upcoming week as we know more from our field/sports complex partners. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Players watch exclusive P1 soccer skill videos in the TopYa! Soccer app, then they practice the skills (you can and upload videos of them completing each skill if you want to join the contest and win prizes). 
  • Each player receives personalized feedback on every video they submit from our expert team of Virtual Coaches.
  • Players will get points for each approved skill video to climb the contest leaderboard for weekly prizes!

Step 1: Get the App

  • Go to The TopYa Skills App
  • Select the button labeled “Join the Contest,” and select our club "Orlando City Youth Soccer"
  • On the next screen, enter your phone number to receive a text message containing a link to download or open the TopYa! Soccer app (iOS or Android)

Step 2: Set Up Your Account

  • If you already have the TopYa! Soccer app and a Player account:
  • Following the text link will open the TopYa! Soccer app where you can log into your account
  • From the Invite Code screen, select the blue “Save” button at the bottom, then select our club
  • Go to the Skills Academy and get started!

If you do not have the TopYa! Soccer app and a Player account:

  • Following the link in the text message will direct you to download the app (App Store or Google Play)
  • Once you have the app, create a Player account*
  • Head to the Skills Academy and get started!

Step 3: Develop Your Skills
Once you’re in the Skills Academy, you’ll find exclusive P1 skills and other soccer skill videos. We’re excited to be able to offer this program, and to see each of you have fun spending time with the ball!



*Any player under the age of 13 is required to be associated with a TopYa! Parent account, for COPPA compliance (safety and privacy). When a U13 or younger player downloads the app and creates an account, the parent will also be prompted to make an account. Once the Parent and Player accounts have been created, your child can participate in the contest! 

If you downloaded the app directly without following the link on the contest page, when creating your account SKIP the invite code step, then on the next screen simply search for “Players First”, select it, then select your Club.


The fine print and important info:
The contest runs March 16 through April 15
While this is a free contest, there are in-app purchase options where players can purchase additional skills content to work on. Again, this is by no means required and most players will not even see the purchasable content options.
Any player under the age of 13 is required to have an associated parent account in the TopYa! Soccer app. This is for safety and privacy compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. If you have any questions, please contact me along with Chris Antoline from TopYa! ( and Ashley Lehr from Players First (