Team Selection

Player Placement & Player Evaluation Sessions

We believe in a year-round, ongoing evaluation process for our players that is comprehensive.

The process relies on a number of tools to evaluate a player to ensure each player is placed appropriately based on his or her tactical, technical, physical and psycho-social development. These evaluation tools include:

  • Age Group Trainings & Team Trainings
  • Player Evaluations
  • New Team Environment – Guest Playing/Guest Training
  • Technical Staff Reports
  • Tournament participation
  • Coach and Director Evaluation and Feedback

Using this information we are able to assess our current players and make determinations on placement. Having said that….the team formation process during the tryout period is affected by two factors;

  • Players leaving the team.
  • New players attending the evaluation sessions.

Player Evaluation Sessions (aka tryouts) for New players

Although we use a year-round player placement process to evaluate current players within Orlando City Youth Soccer, we will continue to hold evaluation sessions to evaluate prospective players from outside of the club. During these sessions, we look for very specific qualities in each player to ensure they are a good fit for our club and team culture and training methodology we use here at Orlando City Youth Soccer. 

During Player Evaluation Sessions we use current Orlando City Youth Soccer players and teams to help gauge where an propspective player may fit within the structure of our club. 

We feel confident in this process to place players in the appropriate team but will it additionally reduce the stress, anxiety, and difficulties surrounding the tryout event for players and parents.

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